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These links DO NOT WORK! This is a list of pages that are temporarily(?) not working. This category is a holding area for broken links, such as servers not responding. Rather than deleting a site that may be having temporary problems, we place them here for a while before permanently removing them from our links. With 5,000 links in our directory, even if 99 percent are working, that means there will be 50 (1% of 5,000) links with problems.

Do you know the right URL for any of these pages? If so, please let us know so we can put them back into the database. Please help us keep the database up to date by reporting any broken links you find.

There are 15 links in this category

(Broken Link) AmeriTrac Railroad Services
Railroad Construction, Maintenance, Engineering and Switching Services. AmeriTrac is the premier railroad services company in Texas and Louisiana. AmeriTrac RailRoad Services, a Houston based Texas Corporation, provides its customers with professional turnkey solutions and cost-effective management for all RailRoad Services. AmeriTrac provides highly qualified and experienced craftsmen.
Info: URL: http://www.ameritrac.cc (Added: 25-Jul-2001)
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(Broken Link) ATCS Monitor for Windows
ATCS Monitor allows you to graphically monitor train traffic on railroads that use the Association of American Railroad's Advanced Train Control System (ATCS) Specification 200 protocol, Advanced Railroad Electronics System (ARES) protocol, Union Switch and Signal Genisys protocol, and Safetran Supervisory Control System (SCS-128) protocol. To use this program to receive traffic over-the-air, you'll need a scanner with a discriminator output, a Windows PC (running 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP), and either a sound card, a HamComm-type data slicer, or an RM100 decoder.
Info: URL: http://www.atcsmon.com (Added: 27-Dec-2000)
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(Broken Link) Japan, Tochigi
Steam tourist railway in Japan, shows an incredible station that resembles a giant steam locomotive!
Info: URL: http://www.city.moka.tochigi.jp/11,5502,45,295.html (Added: 7-Jun-2003)
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(Broken Link) Manitoba - Winnipeg Railway Museum
Winnipeg, Manitoba - 123 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3C 1A3 (We're located on tracks 1 and 2 of Union Station) Home to the "Countess of Dufferin" first locomotive on the Canadian prairies, several desiel locomotives, rolling stock, MOW equipment and a large collection of artifacts.
Info: URL: http://www.wpgrailwaymuseum.com (Added: 14-Jan-2000)
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(Broken Link) Ontario - Polar Bear Express
The Polar Bear Express is a Canadian passenger train operated by the Ontario Northland Railway in Northern Ontario. Service was introduced in 1964. While designated as a passenger train, the Polar Bear Express also carries specialized equipment including boxcars for canoes, snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles, chain cars (flat cars with tie downs) for carrying cars and light trucks (there are no roads to Moosonee so vehicles come in and out by train) and baggage and express cars. In the past a special car for canoes was included but these are now carried in boxcars.

It operates 5 days per week year-round and connects Cochrane with Moosonee. During the summer months there is an additional train on Sundays and the train often includes a full length dome car. Prior to 2012, the train carried a full dining car during the summer.

Info: URL: http://www.polarbearexpress.ca/ (Added: 16-Dec-2016)
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Chicago Terminal Railroad
Chicago Terminal Railroad operates three segments of track in the city and suburbs, serving a variety of industries. The Railroad connects to Union Pacific at the North Avenue and Elk Grove locations, and to Canadian Pacific at the Bensenville location.
Info: URL: http://www.iowapacific.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi (Added: 2-Apr-2015)
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Grenada Railroad (GRYR)
The railroad runs generally southward from Southaven, Mississippi parallel with I-55 to Canton, Mississippi. The GRYR has two branch lines – the Water Valley Branch from just north of Grenada to Coffeeville and the Aberdeen Branch from just south of Durant to Kosciusko.

The GRYR was formerly the Grenada District of the Illinois Central Railroad and is steeped in railroad history. It was on this line that on April 30, 1900 the famed IC Engineer J. L. Casey Jones made his last run and met his maker in a collision with a freight train near Vaughan, Mississippi. The Water Valley Branch follows the original route of the Main Line of Mid-America. The Grenada District hosted many famous named passenger trains in its long history including the famed City of New Orleans and Panama Limited. The Grenada line was a major factor in developing industries along the route and facilitated the movement of local goods, in particular, agricultural and wood products, to the marketplace.

The line is now owned by the North Central Mississippi Regional Railroad Authority and operated by Iowa Pacific. The stakeholders are committed to maximizing the railroad's contribution to the economic development of North Mississippi.

Info: URL: http://www.iowapacific.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi (Added: 20-Oct-2016)
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Iowa Pacific Holdings (IPH)
Iowa Pacific Holdings (IPH) was formed in March 2001 to acquire railroads and create rail-related businesses. IPH has focused on smaller feeder railroads (shortlines) with annual revenues of $10 million and less. IPH has successfully acquired and operated ten railroads – while working to increase their value to rail customers and the communities they serve, through improvements in services, facilities and equipment.

IPH continuously seeks opportunities to increase rail freight business on its railroads through growth of existing traffic, adding contiguous lines, relocation of new customers on-line or in conjunction with trucking to non-rail-served sites. In addition, IPH continues to explore expansion of its portfolio through development of passenger business, refrigerated rail freight, car storage, car repairs, car leasing, and property development, as well as continuing to seek additional rail acquisitions

Info: URL: http://www.iowapacific.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi (Added: 2-Apr-2015)
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Iowa, Boone - Boone Scenic Valley Railroad Railcam
Boone, Iowa - Boone Scenic Valley Railroad shops and car storage area.
Weatherbug weather camera.

Info: URL: https://www.weatherbug.com/weather-camera/?cam=BSVRR (Added: 11-Apr-2020)
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Manitoba - Winnipeg Railway Museum
Winnipeg, Manitoba -Climb the stairs of the historic Via Rail Union Station to tracks 1 & 2 where you will discover the only museum in Winnipeg dedicated to the preservation of Manitoba's rail heritage. See where it all began. View the first steam locomotive on the Canadian Prairies, The Countess of Dufferin. Continue on and view an early-generation diesel locomotive just like the ones still used today. Approximately 37,500 square feet is filled with railway artifacts, many more than we are able to picture here. There are 2 tracks filled from end to end of the museum which are both 750 feet in length. Tracks 1 & 2 which both contain actual trains and equipment. Then there are platforms 1 & 2 which are both filled with displays, artifacts and railway related vehicles, trucks, fire trucks from both railways. Explore our website, and then come and see it in person.
Info: URL: http://www.wpgrailwaymuseum.com (Added: 1-May-2012)
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