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Railroad Links Directory: Top : Engineer Experience Programs

Engineer Experience Programs

Tourist railways and shortlines offering "Engineer for an hour" and "Your hand on the throttle" programs where you drive a steam or diesel locomotive. A wide range of programs are offered, varying from a few minutes to week long training programs.

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Australia - West Coast Wilderness Railway
The West Coast Wilderness Railway Footplate Experience is your opportunity to spend half a day in the steam loco cabin alongside the driver and fireman.

Following your safety induction and dressed in your overalls and cap, you will participate in the daily safety briefing, receive detailed information about the locomotive from the crew and work alongside them as it is prepared for its day's journey. You will help move the loco from the workshops at Carswell Park to Queenstown Station where regular passengers will board, and you will have your photograph taken with the crew.

You'll receive your own flask, mug and packed lunch and enjoy the trip from Queenstown to Dubbil Barril and back, working alongside the crew on the footplate of the locomotive assisting with all aspects of the train's operation. Back at Queenstown you will have the opportunity to debrief with the crew.

The journey takes you on the section of the line that uses the Abt rack and pinion drive system to climb the 1:16 gradient over the Rinadeena Saddle and then down through the spectacular King River Gorge.

Info: URL: https://www.wcwr.com.au/tours/footplateexperience (Added: 25-Nov-2016)
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California - Orange Empire Railway Museum - Run One
Perris CA - The Run One Program is your chance to become a train engineer. It lets you get behind the throttle of some of our favorite locomotives. When you arrive at the Museum for your experience you will be instructed by a qualified engineer. You will look over the locomotive and learn how it works. Then you will climb into the driver's seat and learn how to take the locomotive out on our mainline for a full hour.
Info: URL: https://socalrailway.org/run-one-program/ (Added: 8-Feb-2006)
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California - Sierra Railway Crew for a Day Program
Jamestown, CA - Have you always dreamed about riding in the cab of a historic steam locomotive? Are you looking for a unique and special gift for that railroad buff in your life? Railtown 1897 State Historic Park offers a unique chance to experience being a part of a locomotive crew for a day.

This program provides an opportunity to learn about historic steam engines and offers hands on experience in start up procedures, taking on water, learning about regulatory safety tests and the opportunity to watch the operation of the historic No. 3 or No. 28 steam locomotives from the engine cab.

Info: URL: https://www.railtown1897.org/events/programs (Added: 31-Oct-2016)
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California - Western Pacific Railroad Museum - Run-A-Locomotive
Portola, CA - Our World Famous "Run-A-Locomotive" program allows you, our visiting public, to rent a vintage diesel locomotive and operate it on the museum grounds, under the close supervision of your own private instructor. Relive a childhood fantasy! No experience required, just an adventurous mind. Income from locomotive rentals helps fund the restoration of our historic equipment.
Info: URL: https://www.wplives.org/ral.html (Added: 28-Feb-2002)
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Canada - Portage Flyer Steam Train Engineer for a Day
Huntsville, ON - What would it be like to get behind the controls of a historic 1926 steam locomotive or a 1949 diesel electric locomotive? Imagine being a part of history by actually engineering the Portage Flyer Steam Train. Once the world's shortest commercial railway, it operated between North and South Portage near Dwight between 1904 and 1959.
Info: URL: https://www.muskokaheritageplace.ca/en/ride-the-train/engineer-for-a-day.aspx (Added: 16-Feb-2014)
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Colorado - Cumbres and Toltec Railroad - Engineer School
Chama, NM - The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is proud to announce the continuation of the Fireman and Engineer Steam School Classes.

C&TSRR Steam School Fireman Class will be available to first-time students with a strong emphasis on actual firing of a K-36 Baldwin locomotive. Classroom textbooks, C & T S rule book, and Timetable will be furnished in advance to all students and requirements will include testing of material in the classroom on day one.

C&TSRR Engineer Steam School Class will be available for returning students who previously took the Fireman Class. Students will be sent course material in advance, including textbook(s) on How a Steam Locomotive Works and Operates. Emphasis will be on expanded throttle time, brakes, setting valves, injectors, lubricators, lights, and repairs and maintenance, along with specific studies relative to use of the AIR on the locomotive and much more. Homework will be required and testing will take place in the classroom on day one.

Info: URL: https://cumbrestoltec.com/engineer-fireman-school/ (Added: 26-Jan-2018)
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Connecticut - Shore Line Trolley Museum - Guest Operator
East Haven, CT - If you've always wanted to run a streetcar or subway train, take advantage of this opportunity at the Shore Line Trolley Museum by signing up for the Guest Operator program.

You'll be given an overview of operating principles by one of our instructors. Then it will be your turn to take the handles and operate solo! Don't worry, you won't have any regular passengers, just you, your instructor, and your invited guests.

Info: URL: http://www.bera.org/guestop.html (Added: 9-Feb-2006)
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Connecticut - Valley Railroad Company - Your Hand on the Throttle
Essex, CT - The Valley Railroad Company is proud of its educational program: Your Hand on the Throttle. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about and actually operate a full size steam locomotive. Registrants will receive home study materials covering railroad and steam locomotive safety plus information on basic steam locomotive theory and operation. At the beginning of each session (8:00 am or 12:00 pm) each group will receive instruction on steam locomotive operation and be given a safety test. Following the test each member of the group will be allowed to operate one of our steam locomotives under the direct and constant supervision of our crew on an approximately one hour trip over The Valley Railroad
Info: URL: https://essexsteamtrain.com/experiences/hand-on-the-throttle/ (Added: 28-Feb-2002)
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Illinois - Monticello Railway Museum - Throttle Time
Monticello, IL - MRM Throttle Time sessions are conducted each spring and fall. For a $120.00 donation to the Museum, you will get to spend 30 minutes observing and learning how to operate one of the Museum's diesel locomotives, then 30 minutes running the locomotive under the supervision of a Museum engineer. The engine used for the sessions may be Wabash F-7 #1189 built in 1953, former Long Island Railroad Alco RS-3 #301 built in 1955, Milwaukee Road NW-2 #1649 built in 1947, or Canadian National FPA-4 #6789 built in 1959. Equipment used is always subject to change due to availability.
Info: URL: http://www.mrym.org/throttle_time.html (Added: 3-Mar-2007)
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Illinois - Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad
Freeport, IL - On the Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad, dreams can come true... I refer to the dream of being the engineer on a train.

The Silver Creek and Stephenson has scheduled a day for you to take the throttle and run the train.

Info: URL: http://www.thefreeportshow.com/throttle.htm (Added: 7-May-2013)
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