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Railroad Links Directory: Top : Tourist Railroads and Museums International : Canada : Page 7

Tourist Railroads and Museums International : Canada

Tourist Railroads, Heritage Railways, Railroad Museums and Train Excursions in Canada.

There are 97 links in this category

Ontario - Hespeler Heritage Railway Station Association (HHRSA)
Hespeler (Cambridge), ON - The Hespeler Heritage Railway Station Association (HHRSA) is a group of volunteers dedicated to the purchase and restoration of the CN (ex GTR) railway station in Hespeler (Cambridge), Ontario, Canada.
Info: URL: http://hhrsa.railfan.net/ (Added: 17-Jul-2000)
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Ontario - Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway
Huntsville, Ont - Restored live steam narrow gauge heritage railway offering train rides to visitors at Muskoka Heritage Place
Info: URL: http://www.portageflyer.org (Added: 9-Mar-2001)
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Ontario - Komoka Railway Museum Inc.
Komoka, ON - The Museum is housed in the former Canadian National Railway station in Komoka, Ontario. When purchased as a museum in 1978, the building was moved to its present site north of the CNR tracks and adjacent to the Komoka Community Centre.

Many railroad items are available for close examination including telegraph keys, spike hammers, spike pullers, switch lanterns, steam gauges, a railroad safe, a baggage sleigh and a three-wheel velocipede.

The Museum's pride is a 1913 Shay steam locomotive, which is now nearly completely restored. It rests in its own building along with other artifacts. When restored, a pre-1939 steel-sided baggage car will house the gift shop, office and a model railroad display.

Info: URL: https://www.komokarailmuseum.ca/ (Added: 17-Dec-2016)
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Ontario - Muskoka Heritage Place Portage Flyer
Huntsville, ON - The Portage Flyer steam train began its proud legacy as the world's smallest commercial railroad, operating from 1904 until 1959 in Dwight Ontario. Transportation in Muskoka around the early 1900's meant for "some fun with steam" as visitors and supplies chugged along The Muskoka River aboard the Steamship Algonquin from Huntsville through Fairy Lake onto North Portage at the far end of Peninsula Lake. And that is where The Portage Flyer took over. The train served as (as its name suggests) a portage vehicle operating on 1 1/8 mile of narrow gauge track between what is still called North and South Portage. With 170 feet of elevation variance between Fairy Lake and Lake of Bays, dredging was not an option and a lock system would have proven too costly. So the Flyer was responsible for providing transport of everything from mail, cargo, building supplies and tourists to South Portage where the steamship Iroquois carried the last leg onto such lavish resorts as The Britannia Inn, The Wa Wa Hotel and the most celebrated Bigwin Inn.

In the 90's the Portage Flyer was purchased from St. Thomas where it operated as The Pinnafore Railway and relocated closer to its origin At Muskoka Heritage Place. Thanks to countless volunteer efforts and generous donations, track was laid and the Rotary Village Station was completed and equipped with a telegraph office. On featured days we're able to allow visitors to create a message to be wired down the line to end of the track at Fairy Lake Station where it would be waiting upon the Flyer's arrival.

We pull the authentic coaches namely, the Algonquin and Iroquois in our shoulder seasons of May, June, September and October by our 1949 diesel locomotive, so as to prolong the steam engine's longevity. Whichever locomotive is pulling the authentic coaches expect a return journey that will take about 30 minutes.

Info: URL: https://www.muskokaheritageplace.ca/en/discover-the-museum/steam-museum.aspx (Added: 16-Jul-2000)
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Ontario - Niagara Railway Museum
Fort Erie, ON - Formed in 1996 the Niagara Falls Railway Museum's mandate is to promote the heritage, value and enjoyment of railways in and around Niagara Falls, ON. Our collection started in 1994 with an assortment of railway documents and photographs. Since then our document collection has grown to include operating manuals and over 500 railroad related blueprints. Each year we display our collection of railway memorabilia at numerous events throughout Southern Ontario.

The Niagara Railway Museum is located in the former Canadian National Railway diesel shop located at 21 Warren Street in Fort Erie, ON, however, we are not currently open to the public on a regular schedule. Please check our News page for any announcements regarding the museum.

Info: URL: http://www.nfrm.ca/ (Added: 8-Oct-1998)
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Ontario - Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre
St. Capreol, ON - Northern Ontario Railroad Museum. The first is the Victorian style house originally built in 1916. It is now the home of numerous exhibits which pay tribute to the region's rich lumber, mining and railroading heritage. The building aslo houses the museum's gift shop, washroom facilities and quaint tea room serving refreshments during the summer months.

Prescott Park, located in behind the museum house is home to lush gardens, a railway themed playground, the museum's very own garden train as well as a very unique collection of rolling stock. There are picnic tables on site for visitors wishing to bring their own lunch.

The museum's train collection includes four locomotives, six pieces of rolling stock, as well as several mining cars, handcars, and speeders. The museum currently has the following on display: Locomotives:
Canadian National Railways CN 6077 1944 U-1-f Class MLW 4-8-4 steam locomotive
Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway #219 MLW 4-6-0 steam locomotive
INCO #101 1919 Westinghouse Electric locomotive
INCO #116 1948 General Electric locomotive.

Info: URL: http://m0h.b5d.mwp.accessdomain.com/ (Added: 16-Dec-2016)
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Ontario - Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum
Palmerston, ON - Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum. The town of Palmerston has a very unique history in Southwestern Ontario. When the railways began to extend to this part of the province the vast majority of towns already existed when the railway lines were built. As a result the stations were built on the outskirts of the towns. Palmerston, however, came into existence in the 1870's with the arrival of the Wellington, Grey & Bruce Railway. Since the town was built around the railroad, the town of Palmerston has the smallest main street in Southwestern Ontario, as well as the longest Pedestrian Bridge in all of Ontario.

The museum itself is unique as we are the only Railway Museum in Wellington County. The museum has on display numerous railway and Victorian artifacts that have been kindly donated by members of the community and surrounding areas. We also host a large library of railway books which are located in our Genealogy room. The museum has numerous railway records and has begun to collect microfilm resources which can be accessed by individuals who wish to research their family history and discover ancestral ties to the railroad.

Info: URL: http://www.palmerstonrailwaymuseum.com/ (Added: 16-Dec-2016)
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Ontario - Port Stanley Terminal Rail
Port Stanley, Ontario - Port Stanley Terminal Rail operates over a scenic seven mile portion of the former London & Port Stanley Railway, between Port Stanley and St. Thomas, Ontario. The trains run from mid march to Christmas, mostly with volunteer help.

You can choose a seat in one of our open coaches for an unobstructed view, or you can choose to ride in a closed coach that's heated in winter. On our leisurely ride, you will cross over two bridges, traverse the boat-lined banks of Kettle Creek, look for deer in the apple orchards along the way, and marvel at the cuttings and fills created by hand labour so long ago. See some of the many plants and trees that grow along the track, many of which are unique to the north shore of Lake Erie.

Info: URL: http://www.pstr.on.ca/ (Added: 13-Jun-2000)
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Ontario - Saving RDC-1 VIA 6133
Toronto, ON - Rapido Model trains has purchased RDC-1 VIA 6133 and is undergoing an intensive restoration project. Follow the story of our ex-VIA Rail Canada Budd RDC 6133 as we restore it to its former glory!
Info: URL: https://rapidotrains.com/content/saving-rdc-1-6133 (Added: 18-Jan-2017)
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Ontario - School on Wheels Railcar Museum
Clinton, ON - School on Wheels Railcar Museum. The CN School on Wheels #15089 was one of seven railway schools used as a highly successful method of reaching and teaching the isolated children and adults of the Northern Ontario wilderness between 1926 and 1965.

Car #15089 is one of the original school cars, and was thought to have been scrapped long ago, until found abandoned in the Toronto/Mississauga CNR rail yard in 1982. It was transported to Clinton to undergo renovation. Located in the beautiful park which bears his name, CNR School Car #15089 is also a memorial for Clinton native Fred Sloman, the "Dean of School Car Teachers," who lived and taught in this travelling school from 1926 to 1965.

Visitors will be amazed at how Fred Sloman and his family lived and travelled in this single railway car, bringing reading and writing skills to Canada's north.

Info: URL: https://www.facebook.com/School-on-Wheels-Railcar-Museum-151143751653755/ (Added: 16-Dec-2016)
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