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Railroad Links Directory: Top : Tourist Railroads and Railway Museums USA : Page 5

Tourist Railroads and Railway Museums USA

Searchable directory of Tourist Railroads, Railway Museums, Excursion Trains and other railroad attractions in the United States.

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California - Golden Gate Railroad Museum (GGRM)
Shellville, CA - The Golden Gate Railroad Museum (GGRM) is dedicated to the preservation of steam and passenger railroad equipment, and the interpretation of railroad history in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit institution.

In 2005, the Hunters Point facility was closed for remediation, and the GGRM collection was moved to the Niles Canyon Railway where operation and restoration efforts continued until 2016. In early 2017 the GGRM announced that the organization would be moving to a new home in Shellville on the Northwestern Pacific Railroad. Restoration work shifted to the task of preparing the entire collection for the mainline move to Shellville.

Info: URL: http://www.ggrm.org/ (Added: 13-Mar-2014)
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California - Knotts Berry Farm Calico Railroad
Buena Park, CA - The Calico Railroad has been in operation at Knott's since January 12, 1952 and is an authentic Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge train used in the early 1900s. It boasts the highest crime rate in all of Orange County, as notorious Ghost Town bandits still hold-up every departure from the Calico Square depot.
Info: URL: https://www.knotts.com/play/rides/calico-railroad (Added: 30-Oct-2016)
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California - La Mesa Depot Museum
La Mesa, CA - The La Mesa Depot Museum is La Mesa, California's oldest building in its original form and is the sole surviving San Diego and Cuyamaca Railway Station in existence. The building you see today on the corner of Spring Street and La Mesa Boulevard in downtown La Mesa has an colorful history.

In 1974, the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association located and purchased the remains of the building, again for one dollar. In 1980-1981 the building was returned to its original site and, using money from a federal grant, was restored to its 1915 condition. Preservation was truly a labor of love for volunteers of the San Diego Railroad Museum, with help from members of the La Mesa Historical Society.

Today the Railroad Museum owns and maintains the building, and the City of La Mesa owns and maintains the grounds and land beneath it. The public is admitted free to the La Mesa Depot Museum for tours on weekend afternoons. Visitors can inspect the steam locomotive and string of freight cars on the nearby track and pass through the ticket/waiting area and view the telegrapher's station and a small exhibit area in the baggage room. This building and its past are a fascinating look at a bit of small-town railroading from yesteryear and its importance to the community it served.

Info: URL: https://www.psrm.org/visitor-information/la-mesa-depot/ (Added: 1-Nov-2016)
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California - Lomita Railroad Museum
Lomita, CA - The Lomita Railroad Museum is dedicated to educating and informing the public about railroads, particularly of the steam era; the present, past, & future of transportation; the history of the U.S. Westward Expansion; the settlement of California; and the people who made this all happen.

The museum, located in the Irene Lewis Park, is owned and operated by the City of Lomita and is overseen by the Lomita Parks & Recreation Department.

Dedicated to the proud era of the steam engine, complete authenticity is the hallmark of the Museum. On display is a Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive (1902-1960) and Tender. Nearby stand a 1910 Union Pacific Caboose and a modern all steel Santa Fe caboose. On display at the Annex Park are a 1923 Union Oil Tank Car and a 1913 Southern Pacific outside-braced wood box car. Also check out our Water Tower.

Info: URL: http://www.lomita-rr.org/ (Added: 13-Mar-2014)
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California - Market Street Railway
San Francisco, CA - Market Street Railway is a member supported non-profit and historic preservation partner of Muni, the San Francisco Municipal Railway.

Our website brings you news and information about San Francisco's historic streetcars and cable cars.

Info: URL: https://www.streetcar.org/ (Added: 13-Mar-2014)
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California - Millbrae Train Museum
Millbrae, CA - In October 2004, the Millbrae Historical Society opened a railroad museum at the former Millbrae Southern Pacific Train Depot. The new Museum was described in a February 4, 2005 article in the San Francisco Chronicle. The depot building has been continuously in use since it was rebuilt in 1907. The Historical Society has a three-tiered plan for the site. The first step - the repair, clean up and repainting of the structure - was completed by a group of dedicated volunteer railroaders, led by Historical Society Treasurer and Train Museum Curator Vern Bruce. Throughout the process, careful attention has been paid to restoring the depot to as close to its original as-built state as is feasible. The waiting room and ticketmaster's office have been set up as a display area, housing a varied collection of photos, artifacts, documents, and books dedicated to the railroad history of Millbrae, the Peninsula, and the western United States.
Info: URL: http://www.millbraehs.org/millbrae-train-museum.html (Added: 30-Oct-2016)
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California - Napa Valley Wine Train
Napa,. CA - The Napa Valley Wine Train is one of the most distinctive Napa restaurants, offering an authentic, memorable experience that echoes the glory days of train travel, with fine dining service, multiple course meals, Napa Valley scenery and ultimate relaxation aboard exquisitely restored vintage rail cars. This top dining establishment is housed in a museum quality, antique train that runs on 25-­miles of track in the heart of the Napa Valley. The train itself has two engines, three kitchens on board and a collection of early 20th century Pullman rail cars faithfully restored with Honduran mahogany paneling, brass accents, etched glass partitions and plush armchairs that evoke the spirit of luxury rail travel in the early 1900s. Take a trip into the luxurious American past and experience an unparalleled memory-­making journey.
Info: URL: https://www.winetrain.com/ (Added: 13-Jun-2000)
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California - Nevada County Narow Gauge Railroad and Transportation Museum
Nevada City, CA - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad & Transportation Museum. The museum display is located at the Northern Queen Inn, in Nevada City, California. At this time, the museum has twenty five pieces of historical railroad equipment that have been restored or are in need of restoration and maintenance.
Info: URL: http://www.ncngrrmuseum.org (Added: 10-Oct-1999)
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California - Niles Canyon Railway Historic Operating Railroad Museum
Sunol, CA - Niles Canyon Railway Historic Operating Railroad Museum. The purpose of the Pacific Locomotive Association (PLA) is to recognize, cultivate, and maintain in its members an enjoyable interest in the knowledge and actual operation of locomotives from various Pacific Coast railroads, which includes all types of motive power and self-propelled rail vehicles, and all equipment of the Niles Canyon Railway museum.
Info: URL: http://www.ncry.org/ (Added: 13-Jun-2000)
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California - Orange Empire Railway Museum
Perris, CA - The non-profit Orange Empire Railway Museum has been preserving Southern California's railway history since 1956. Home to over 200 historic railway cars and locomotives from Los Angeles and the West, the museum's 90-acre site in Perris, California is open to the public 363 days a year. Railway trains operate every weekend- come experience a day of family fun exploring the large grounds and riding the trains and trolleys that helped create the Southern California we know today. Check out our calendar for a listing of special events, including steam train operations.
Info: URL: https://socalrailway.org/ (Added: 13-Jun-2000)
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